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We supply veterinary products to maintain the health of your horse and to maximize the performance of the equine athlete

Race Horse
Performance Supplement Supply.

Horses and other performance animals are susceptible to many health woes.  It’s vital to ensure the best care to fight their illness bouts right off the bat to prevent them from aggravating. Otherwise, the lack of quality treatment may result in worst-case scenarios like death. We won’t let your companion struggle alone. Our range of horse meds is extensive enough to combat:

> inflammatory and allergic conditions
> respiratory problems
> infections
> intestinal worms and nasal bots
> post-operative pain as well as severe soft tissue discomfort
> Addison’s disease
> vitamin deficiencies

Most of our veterinary products fall into two categories: for oral use and injectables. Your best choice depends on what symptoms the animal being treated is experiencing and what condition needs to be managed.
In addition to health medications, Equine Vet’s assortment is performance-enhancing & looking to improve your horse’s endurance for an upcoming race, be sure to browse our categories to get a time tested solution.

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